Healthy Food In and Around Schools

» 4 Posters to Promote Healthy Eating »

Eat 5 Fruits and Vegetables a day. Reduce screen time to 2 hours or less a day. Get involved in physical activities for at least 1 hour, every day. Cut out sugary drinks. Just remember, 5-2-1-0.

» Eat Healthier »

How do I start eating healthier? Here are 3 simple steps to follow: Increase fruits and vegetables, eat real food, and drop liquid calories. Go here for more…

» Eat Well, Play More Tennessee »

Eat Well, Play More Tennessee encourages us to increase intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce consumption of sugary beverages, and to reduce intake of high-energy-dense foods. Go here for more…

» Choose My Plate »

Choose my Plate shows you the 5 food groups that are the building blocks to a healthy diet. Before you sit down to eat, think about what you are putting on your plate and what is about to go into your body. My Plate shows you a variety of healthy options that you should be putting on your plate. Go here for more…

The Weight of the Nation for Kids

This 3-part film documents how real kids have played an important role in promoting better food choices, investing in the health of their communities, and in changing attitudes about being healthy.

Part 1: The Great Cafeteria Takeover

This film follows a group of students from New Orleans as they work to make a difference in their community by changing their cafeteria’s menu.  These Rethinkers revamp their school’s kitchen to include great tasting, healthier options.

LINK:  The great cafeteria takeover

Part 2: Kebreeya’s Salad Days

After seeing how diseases like asthma and diabetes have impacted the lives of people around her, Kebreeya begins to avoid fast food and soda, inspiring her family members to think about their health habits as well.  Kebreeya works in her community to start a garden, as well as collaborates with other students to design and promote a salad bar option to school-board officials.

LINK: Kebreeya’s Salad Days

Part 3: Quiz Ed!

The final film in the 3-part series helps children identify and test nutrition and physical activity knowledge.  Using real kids, this film explores some of the reasons children don’t exercise, as well as how they worked through it.

LINK: Quiz