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Fit WizardAbout FitWizard

The FitWizard project, funded by the Tennessee Department of Health as a Project Diabetes Initiative, is a free resource developed by health and education researchers at the University of Memphis to combat the sedentary habits and childhood obesity problem that threaten many students’ scholastic success.

Childhood obesity is a serious problem that professional educators are confronted with daily in the classroom, as this health challenge can impact students’ learning readiness and academic performance.  Students sit for a large majority of the school day, contributing to childhood obesity and increasing risk for other serious health conditions.  With the activities and tools available through FitWizard, you can get your students moving and help reverse the trends!

Stronger Students, Stronger Schools

Evidence shows that students who are physically active are more alert in class, better retain and recall knowledge, and achieve higher grades.  Teachers, too, benefit:  Classroom management is easier with integrated activity bursts that improve students’ on-task behavior.

FitWizard is an Advocate for Healthy Students and Classrooms

The three free, concise, professional development Courses are designed for busy teachers to take online when convenient for them, and provide printable Certificates of Completion at the end of each course.  Professional Development credits are offered with school district approval.

Professionally developed Activities can be selected by grade and subject level, and printed for immediate use.  Peer-submitted activities allow teachers across school systems to share insights, highlight their schools, and learn from the online-community of colleagues.

FitWizard’s Facebook page provides a forum for teacher-driven conversations and ideas on current topics in education.


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