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Welcome, Esteemed Educators!

Are you tired of the ‘same old, same old’ way of teaching? Do you love discovering new, exciting, and innovative ways to inspire your students? Are you looking for fun, engaging techniques that capture students’ attention to boost academic achievement and give them- and you- school news to boast about?

FitWizard is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

What Is FitWizard?

  • FitWizard is a free online tool with professional development courses that provide the resources you need to sharpen learning readiness and build the good health that strengthens students’ academic progress
  • FitWizard activities complement curricular objectives, making content more memorable
  • FitWizard provides an array of classroom activity ideas that are specifically designed to educate students in fun, engaging ways and to get them up and physically active in the classroom
  • FitWizard activities are created by teachers, for teachers

How Does FitWizard Work?

FitWizard offers K-12th grade teachers free, printable, in-classroom activities.  You can Find Activities by grade level, subject, length of activity, and intensity.

FitWizard delivers three free professional development Courses, that provide evidence-based information about the association between physical activity, academic performance, and health; strategies and programs for implementing physical activity in the classroom, and professionally-designed grade-level appropriate, classroom physical activities.

FitWizard provides links to current Resources, including information on the latest research.

Have an Activity Idea to Share?

FitWizard activities are designed by teachers, for teachers. If you have an activity idea you’d like to share through FitWizard, please Share it Here! We’ll review it, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll be thrilled to publish it for the FitWizard community to use.

Get Started Finding Great Activities for Your Students Right Now 

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